Is your mortgage business safer now than before the crash?

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 · People who were caught in the 2008 crash are spooked that a 2018 bubble will lead to another crash. But that crash was caused by forces that are no longer present. credit default swaps insured derivatives such as mortgage-backed securities .

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6 ‘Crash-Proof’ Safe-Haven Investments for a Bear Market The markets are dicey right now, but you don’t have to sit on the sidelines. Get safely back into the game with these solid choices.

If your looking to buy a home, and the price seems to high, compare to the risk free may be better off buying a bond and waiting ten years.. if you need a mortgage buyer beware. A value minded real estate investor might offer half and negotiate from there.

 · How to Protect Yourself from the Next Housing Crash. Net worth: the higher your non-home equity net worth, the less likely you are to default on a mortgage, as you can pull from other assets to cover any income dips. Size of home: the less space you need (we truly don’t need as much as we think), the less you’ll pay.

Even banks that managed to dodge much of the carnage created by the subprime meltdown – like Goldman Sachs – were invested in the subprime mortgage business. Goldman in May 2005 submitted a prospectus so that it could sell more than $425 million in securities known as "mortgage pass-through certificates."

Many mortgage "experts" thought that subprime mortgages would never make a comeback after the housing crash because the crash was thought to be caused by "too many subprime loans". But starting in 2013, the subprime mortgage market is starting to come back and many subprime lenders are starting to offer people subprime mortgages again.

Mortgage Age – The age of your mortgage determines how much interest savings you will realize. Prepaying a newer mortgage is more beneficial than prepaying a mortgage that only has a few years left. Mortgage Interest Rate – Obviously, it’s better to prepay (or refinance) a mortgage with high interest rate. Since the long-term return on investment for the stock market is about 8-10%, it’s most likely better to prepay if your mortgage interest rate is higher than about 6%.